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What is TAMID Group?

TAMID Group is an international organization that allows its members to gain real-world experience through several different programs such as consulting, investing, intern abroad, and more. TAMID Group has been a registered student organization at UCF since the fall of 2022.

Why Join TAMID Group?

  • Real-world experience working with startup companies

  • Heavily subsidized summer intern abroad opportunities

  • Access to an elite national network of entrepreneurs & leaders

  • Hands-on experience instead of lectures and workshops

  • Exclusive networking opportunities with top-tier companies

TAMID Group Global by the Numbers

  • Who is this organization for?
    One great aspect about TAMID Group is that we are open to all majors. TAMID Group's programs offer a vast amount of transferable skills which can apply to a variety of industries and job paths. This can help to strengthen your resume and lead to even greater opportunities down the line. We have members with majors in a variety of areas including integrated business, communications, entertainment management, accounting, finance, engineering, psychology, and more.
  • What is TAMID consulting?
    Our consulting program allows members to work with companies in a variety of industries. Our members work in projects areas such as industry analysis, marketing, customer research, and more. We work on solving problems for startups, and coming up with innovative solutions.
  • What does the week to week look like at TAMID?
    We typically meet once a week for our general body meetings. During this time, we discuss upcoming opportunities and special events. After this, our members divide into teams to work on and discuss their consulting or investing projects. Our new members participate in weekly education in order to be prepared to work on projects the following semesters. We also hold alternative events on some Wednesday and Thursdays which can include professional development, social events, speaking events, and more.

Companies Our Members Have Worked For

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