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Who is TAMID Group For?

  • Students who are highly motivated want to set themselves up for a successful future

  • Students hoping to gain real-world experience and work with innovative companies

  • Students who are interested in learning more about consulting and the Israeli startup ecosystem

  • Students who are looking for high-level leadership opportunities and professional development

  • Students who want to gain a larger professional network and collaborate with like-minded individuals

Standing Meeting

Our Story

TAMID Group was founded in 2008 by two students at the University of Michigan. Since then, it has expanded to over 55 chapters and 4,000+ active student members. TAMID Group aims to serve as "a career accelerator for the most driven of students."


TAMID Group UCF was founded in 2022 by Jeremy Kane, entering his Sophomore year at UCF. Jeremy was searching for a student organization to join where he could obtain hands-on experience in the business world instead of just attending workshops, but he was unable to find an organization like this. After hearing about TAMID Group, he brought the organization to UCF, leading it through the national BETA process and building it from the ground up. 

In the Spring semester of 2023, we consulted for our first two startups, and are looking forward to continuing to expand and offer students more opportunities.

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